Senior Support In Vancouver From Senior's Edge

Flexible And Affordable Senior Services

Senior's Edge understands that services have to be appropriate, affordable, delivered when needed and as expected. Each situation is different — customer satisfaction is a must. Today's discerning Seniors want to know what they can expect to pay for the services they choose, regardless of where they require Senior support — whether it be in Vancouver or on Canada's East Coast. Business clients are no different. Our service fees are flexible, affordable and totally dependent upon client needs. We pride ourselves on working with individuals and business clients to determine cost-effective solutions. We understand your needs!

Services range from the straightforward to the relatively complex. Service fees fall into several categories determined with you in mind, depending upon your needs. Pricing guidelines include:

Hourly Fees

  • An hourly rate works well for reasonably straightforward services. Rates start from $75.00 hourly (note that hourly rates may vary depending upon the services required).

Package Fees

  • Services are "packaged" and priced accordingly when needs are more complex. In consultation with you, a service package is developed and priced accordingly.

Senior's Edge has only done its work if you agree — affordability and great value are a must! Please feel free to contact us in Vancouver today for more information about our services and fees.