Senior Assistance In Vancouver From Senior's Edge

About Senior's Edge

Senior's Edge was recently founded in Vancouver by Carol Brown after 30+ years of experience working with Seniors in both the public and private sectors. She worked extensively with Independent Seniors as well as with those needing Community Support, Assisted Living or Long-Term Care. For many years, Carol had experience with family and other relatives who eventually required assistance with physical or dementia care and support. Her Volunteer life has been geared towards Seniors, including being a Board of Director for several non-profit Agencies who support Seniors. Carol believes that today's discerning Seniors expect more and need to be respected as active partners in making informed choices about all available possibilities. To say Carol "understands, and is passionate about, the well-being of Seniors" is an understatement!

Carol has spent a great deal of time working with Seniors in British Columbia and Ontario. Throughout the course of her career, she has also spent time working with Seniors in Alberta and Quebec. Carol has seen first-hand, the real challenges and frustrations Seniors experience. She has also seen many highly-successful and positive outcomes.

Like all of us, Seniors want to remain independent. They are savvy and recognize that some assistance, in the form of support and care, may be required along the way. Seniors want to be involved in choices about their lifestyle — at the right time, the right place, in the right way and with the right information. Carol is knowledgeable about the many first-class services and amenities other Agencies offer to Seniors. She understands from personal experience that it is hard to find the time to know and understand these available services, make sense of all the jargon and not be swayed by negative stereotypes. Seniors and those who support them — friends, families, business associates and others — need to have some new options to help them discover all the possibilities for a quality Senior's lifestyle.

Carol asked many Seniors what they really needed and they spoke up! Senior's Edge was created to provide new and innovative, professional services for Seniors and other Agencies who work with them. Our goal is simple — to provide solutions for a wide variety of matters which may be of concern. We are dedicated to being a knowledgeable resource for assisting Seniors and consider ourselves privileged to work with them.